What People Say About PE+Plus...

You show me a lot in your life, Coach Kemp. Not only just the kindness, love, joy, but mainly your walk with the Lord. I do see the fruit of the Spirit in your life, you have been a major blessing in my life. Not only you, but your whole family. I really appreciated your whole family. May God always keep on blessing your entire family. I will always try to keep those Bible passages in my mind: Matthew 6:33 , Psalm 1, and Micah 6:8. Your whole family will always be my friends.

-Jonathan V.
(2007 graduate)

I wanted you to know how much we appreciate all you do for so many families. We love PE+Plus, not just for the physical benefits, but for the friendships we have made there. (I often think the mom friends are as important as the kid ones!) You two had to deal with a lot to put Field Day together. You have it down to a science...We are already counting the days until PE starts up again [next semester]! Blessings to you all!

- Luane A.
(homeschool mom)

Every Tuesday on our way home [from PE+Plus] there's non-stop chatter going on. We tell our parents all we've learned and done. Coach doesn't just teach us sports; he tells us stories from his past and they always come back to the One who matters most, God. God is the #1 thing in our coach's life, and he has helped God be the #1 thing in mine.

- Mikayla F.
(8th grade)

Thank you for all of your time and thoughtfulness and energy that you put into these children. I am very grateful. This is my most favorite activity for Hannah [my daughter] to be in and I just can't wait until her 1-1/2 year old brother is old enough to participate! Hannah and I both love and appreciate that you pray, use Scripture and tell Bible stories in PE+Plus! Thank you for giving to the Lord!

- Carrie M.
(homeschool mom)

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